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The aofx Business Hub

For all your currency needs

What we offer our business customers

aofx is an independently owned Bureau de Change specialising in bringing the very best foreign exchange experience to our customers in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming environment. Conveniently we are located on Hill Street, Newry and we open 6 days a week, ensuring we are always on hand for your business needs.

Given our location on the border between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland we are ideally situated to offer simple and convenient foreign exchange services to our business customers. 

Foreign Exchange is one cost that many business owners often overlook, not realising just how much these transactions end up costing. 

For example, bank fees for outgoing international transactions range from £8 to £40. Along with fees, banks also use high FX margins. This means that every international transaction costs you a lot more than the stated fee, because you will lose money on currency exchange during transfer. By the end of it, the cost of a transfer might reach 7% - 10% of the total transaction value.


Importing Goods 

In recent years it has become increasingly important that local businesses trade regularly across the border and further afield, buying goods and services for their business to ensure they can offer the best quality and prices to their customers. With significant changes in Sterling to Euro exchange rates in recent months it has prompted businesses to shop around for a better deal on their regular international bank transfers, and many have found that here at aofx Bureau de Change we can offer them the most competitive exchange rates with no commission charges or fees. We provide a fast, friendly and efficient customer experience as we know that time is precious for all our valued customers. Call us today to discuss how our services can benefit your business.


Exporting Goods 

We can also help Business' that export goods and services to and from Ireland and Northern Ireland, or further afield. They can benefit from our excellent exchange rates and commission free services by offering their customers a better rate. They can advise their customers to transfer money through us to save them money compared to exchange rates offered by their personal bank. Many local businesses from a wide range of industries have already availed of our services, including hotels, car dealerships, livestock traders and more. Email or call us today to find out how we can help you.

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